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3 Ways to Have More Than One Birthday

Against all common knowledge .. and sense .. it’s actually possible to have more than one birthday.

Cases in point:

Case 1.

Frederick Frederick II came into the world just moments before midnight on the 18th and also just after midnight on the 19th of the Season of Leaves. This is noted quite clearly in the records of his Arrival. The scribe presiding over the birth(s) claims that no twins were involved. An examination by magiqhanics confirm that his double lensed glasses had not malfunctioned. So how was this possible?

Case 2.

The now infamous rascal Rodders Snafflewick reportedly celebrates a birthday on the days of Smittentide as well as on the eve of Smashingtime, three months afterward. Following his arrest and subsequent release on technical grounds of the prosecution getting his birthday mixed up – allowing the defence to prove that the authorities had pressed charges against the wrong animan, (despite that he had been caught red handed) a private investigator investigated and confirmed that Snafflewick had two legitimate birthdays. How could this be? And how come that got him off the hook?

Case 3.

Claralara actually has seven birthdays, all of them over tricxsitime and all of them celebrated every year by the Imperial Star Riders Aeronaut Corps. What was going on?

Case 1 Solved.

In the case of Frederick Frederick II it turned out to be a matter of simple forgetfulness. The scribe in question filled in the certificate of arrival and having passed it to the youngling’s guardians promptly proceeded to fill out a second one, having completely forgotten he’d filled out the first. Indeed, so sure was he that he had only filled out the one that he refused to counter the second and both birthdays stood.

Case 2 Solved.

It turns out that Rodders Snafflewick was born on the isle of TwinkleTor, where, as anyone knows, the local populace (of thirteen) hold to their own date system, which runs three months behind that of the Empire and is, curiously, officially recognised. Simply put, the trial was held in the Empire but the given date of birth was that of the TwinkleTor record (helpfully supplied by the Governor of Twinkletor), which placed it, of course, three months later, thus proving that the defendant was not the Snafflewick that had been arrested and charged.

Case 3 Solved.

Claralara is a ship. Each time the inauguration ritual was performed and noted on the official scroll some strange accident occurred that meant by tradition the inauguration ceremony had to be begun again the next day, each time right after the scroll was stamped, sealed and signed to confirm the launch. The scroll, post stamp, seal and signing is usually rolled and cased and is carried by the ship thereafter. in this case the scroll was destroyed/lost before it could be cased and so the ceremony had to be re performed for the inauguration to be authentic. Each time though, the archive copy of the scroll, as copied by T-scribing at the same moment as the original, was made and kept in the Imperial archives. This happened, bizarrely, seven times in a row. (It was later found to be the result of a particularly tricksy Fickler prank.)

Rumour has it a fox in Afferfesse has four birthdays and a Rock Mord on GibberPeak has twenty one. If anyone can confirm this with proof or reasonable explanations or even vague speculations please get in touch.

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