Dec 302013

Location Features

Including things like ruins, undergrowth, lookout points, false trails and environmental events like running herds and dust storms, Location Features can either be of help or a hindrance to a team.

Thus there are two kinds of Feature – positive and negative.

For the positive we have used the parchment colours of the Location Maps and for the negative a contrasting colour scheme so that players can tell the difference between them easily.

To bring them into play a player uses their Tactics Skill and so the Tactics Skill symbol appears on the card reverse as a reminder.

Work In Progress

There only need to be two designs for the reverse of the Feature cards – the positive and negative. The symbols may change before all is done, simply so that there is no confusion with other parts of the game. We expect Ash to tweak parts of the design as well.

If you like what you see so far, please let us know.

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