Dec 302013

Reviewing the Overall Design

As we continue to future-proof the game we are simultaneously taking the opportunity to overview its design across the whole set.

This means looking at all the components as a whole to ensure that they all share the same thematic flavour – that all temporary symbols are replaced by the same symbol set, that design elements found in one component are mirrored elsewhere.

It is a time of tweaking.

So far, Ash has reviewed the Location Feature cards, the Faction cards, the Adventure Booklet and the Tokens including the symbols thereon.

You can see the current incarnation of these (at the time of writing) in the pictures attached.

Location Features

Adventurers can use Location Features to help their own progress or hinder their opponent’s activities.

Adventure Booklet

Rolling in at only 8 pages including the cover, the Adventure Booklet has all the details you need to play through any mission.

Counters & Tokens

The Counters and tokens here come in two colours, one for general use and the other for the Nemesis Team.

Faction Cards

The Pilot Set introduces three Factions – the rebel Ang, the Imperial Dzaa and the wildland-dwelling Nuko.

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