Dec 302013

Deadly Missions

Adventures in of Shot & Blade take the form of missions with a definite goal – Capture the Mythical Beast, Hunt Down the Intruders, Find the Killer …

Each adventure is outlined in an Adventure Booklet. All the details of that mission are contained within the one 8 page episode, from enemy squads to the actual Locations the Hero Team must cross to reach their main objective.

Because of Shot & Blade is a pretty straight forward game there actually isn’t a lot of information that needs to go in the booklet. There’s all you need and even a hint at what comes next aswell.

Creating the Episode

The design of the booklet had to be easy on the eye and in keeping with the other components of the game.

While creating the layouts, elements of design from the other cards and even the website helped to finalise the layout and look. Indeed, by the end, newly inspired design elements had been created and ended up being used in other components and the website in return.

This jumping from one component to the next and back again helped to create a consistent thematic design across the variety of individual components, while catering to each with its own particular needs. A design that is still undergoing little tweaks here and there – not just for show but for ease of practical use.

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