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The Ang originally formed to combat the aggressive Chune. What began as extended patrols to protect their clans of origin soon evolved to acquire their own independent traditions. When the Dzaa invaded the world the Ang were perfectly poised to resist and so they did.

They survived through the centuries of Dzaa rule and after the cataclysm they joined once again to those surviving Cerchae clans who had re-embraced the ancient traditions of their Gods.


The Cerchae revered a quadumverate of Gods and the Ang likewise. However, on taking to the wilds the Ang adopted Wyeneth, Goddess of the Forests, as their patron. She still holds a prime position in their faith and it is said she has even appeared to devoted Ang clans across the world.

The leaders of the Ang are blessed with personal contact with the Goddess as well as various gifts and arcane abilities, such as command of certain sacred beasts or being able to take the forms of said creatures.


The Ang are a roving Faction well versed in guerilla warfare and Wildsman survival skills and bands will travel far from clan towns and territories. They share a similar style of dress to settled clansfolk, though adapted to a combative life in the wilds.

The Cerchae were famed for their great libraries. Many of these were destroyed in the cataclysm but the important knowledge of the culture was preserved by the Ang Sagi – the faction’s storytellers and scholars. The Sagi have become repositories of the ancient lore of the culture and will often lead bands into the wilds to seek out lost libraries and knowledge.

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