Feb 162015

Can’t Beta (Good) Magnet Down

Ever found yourself on hull-cleaning duty? Were you that poor soul, dangling precariously by a thread, blasting away at stubborn under stains?

Well, your fortune may just have changed. Science boffins at oddball HQ have just revealed the Beta Magnet.

Powered by cells of special micro boilers that heat a particulate repulsion reservoir, it generates a force that will bend steam. Yes! That’s not a scribblo. It actually allows you to control the direction in which steam moves.

The device is still in its developmental stage and currently undergoing a rigorous secret testing program but The Scribbler has been granted exclusive access to witness the device in action. Even this reporter got to grips with the nozzle. The results were astonishing.

Extremity Bellringer, of the NERDs department (New Experimental Repulsion Devices) tells me this light weight device, attached to the directional torsion sprocket of a Jetstream Hull Washer, will allow the user full control of the jet of steam. The result: entire hulls of duelling dirigibles could be accessed by a single operator from the deck. Accuracy will be improved by 73%. A Windcatcher class could be fully de-barnacled in under an hour.

Could this revolutionise oddball Aeronautics for ever? Dirigibles being ‘descummed’ without docking at port or hauling anchor whilst cleansing teams dangle hundreds of feet above the ground.

In this modern oddball universe, science may yet overtake Magiqh?

Who knows?

All I can say is, ‘You’ll not find limpets on this reporter’s rudder!’

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