Apr 132015

Bumblebarks Defeat the Airmen in Thrilling Season Opener

Moogle Sluntnik, lead crumblenugger for the Bumblebarks scored a last second high crumblefinge to snatch victory from the Pendragon’s XI in this season’s first Spumpleparp match at the Pendragon Arena last night.

Parping before a capacity crowd, the airmen took an early lead with a pair of low spupples before the Bums strunked home a superb trump just before third time. Frenetic parping in the second fifth left the Bums two squeebs ahead but Jubbly ‘Jake’ Joogles the Airman’s quooch banged home a grampling wiggle in the opening minutes of quarter three. With both teams parping fiercely and some great defense ooklemaamming by both donglers it looked like the Airman would hold onto their lead. Then, following a guff by the Airman’s fiskingprug, Langle Lervin, the Bum’s Funglepuff Roosnik pumped a classic SBD to Sluntnik allowing her to finish with a crumblefinge so high it was positively stratospheric.

Sluntnik was rightly named animan of the match for her parping and speaking to this reporter after the spumple said ‘It’s a game of three halves. We started slowly but took the parping to the opposition. I crumbled well but it was a team finge.’

The Bums go on to play the Williepang Wamblers at the Moonside Stadium next week while the Airmen face the Bots at Skytown.

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