Dec 302013

July ’13
Top Secret Design Tested!

All good games are tested thoroughly and oddball Aeronauts is no exception. After we were happy with it ourselves we let it loose on some unsuspecting folks who foolishly offered to try it out.

The first results came back and the game seems solid. We’ve made some tweaks to the print and play PDFs to make things easier and the rules to clarify a few things. Version2 is good to go – and has gone out to some other helpful fellows already.

‘printer-friendly cards and a few colour samples’

All this testing exists because in any release something is always missed, whether it is typos or rules that read funny or perhaps worse. Testers highlight these for publishers to rectify so that when the game is finally released commercially it is as good as possible and said testers can smile knowingly that they have had a hand in helping to make it so.

Here’s what an early test pilot said:

“this game is different then anything I have ever played before! A new game type to enjoy!“

“It was pretty easy to teach, even to my non-card gaming wife”

He and his wife even rated it as ‘supremely awesome’.

Calling All Test Pilots!

So. Would you like to take our little game out for a spin or a loop-the-loop?

The oddball Aeronauts test version comes as a printer-friendly print & play, with all 54 cards represented along with the 4 pages of rules. Cards are picture-free at the moment but a few full-colour, with-pictures samples have been included so you can get an idea of the finished article.

We’d love for you to play it and let us know what you think.

If you’d like to try the latest version of the game please email us direct: email hidden; JavaScript is required

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