Mar 052015

The Case of the Missing Case

When you read about big criminal heists they tend to be grandiose affairs; planned down to the minutest detail and flawlessly executed. However, in real life they are very far from perfect.

Case in point: last night the EViL* Villains League** pulled off yet another, almost disastrous, theft at the Museum of Luggage.

Said Sebastian, the Admissions Clerk “We was about to sell a record breaking third admission when the gentleman asked me to hand over the cash, so I did as we were trained, don’t ask no questions, hand it over. Y’see we’d had a busy day, what you’d call busy for us anyway, right, so we’d a bit more cash than usual. When I showed ‘im the till though he just looked confused and a bit nervous. That was when he made a dash for the collection.”

Museum curator, Sebastian***, reported the loss of one of their less valuable pieces.

“It’s funny y’see, there’s a genuine Saint Percy weaved steam holdall displayed right next door, but he grabbed the paper sandwich amuser! I wonder if he knew anything about luggage at all!”

Later on a spokesperson for EViL made a statement ensuring this was no work of theirs and Laurence would be severely reprimanded for not being the least bit involved. They further stated that they had no idea who was behind the theft, but it certainly wasn’t them.

Lawmen are still on the lookout for this ‘unknown’ thief.

* EViL – stands for Evil Villains League

** EViL Villains League – a ridiculous duplication believed to be an error in early EViL publications, others believe it’s to highlight their evilness.

*** Sebastian holds three positions at the museum; Admissions Clerk, Curator and Lunch Lady – on account of bringing himself a sandwich for lunch.