Dec 302013

The Vote

A great many thanks to all who voted for the Dark Maker card art idea – it was a head-to-head race between two of the three contenders and at the end we were left with an unclear victor. Yep, you read it right! Thus, the following was proposed:

“It’s clear that #1 and #3 are both popular ideas and it seems a shame that one or other of these won’t see the light of day. That being the case, the logical solution would be for BOTH ideas to have their own card! One of these will be the Dark Maker and the other will have its own background lore written for it.”

And so, without further ado …

The Further Ado!

Some folks offered their reasons why they voted the way they did and their comments helped to focus ideas (cheers!)

In #1 Dark Censer the darkness is smoking out of the cencer like ghosts. As noted in the lore for the Dark Maker, the maker itself was intended to billow out clouds of darkness so that Shadow Fiends could use it to hide in and travel about. Thus a solution presented itself.

#3 Dark Stacks would be the Dark Maker, billowing out clouds of darkness, while #1 Dark Censer would become a seperate Thing – a recepticle for Shadow Fiends who could use the darkness made by the Dark Maker to creep about and make mischief. Except there’s a twist to that (for which you’ll have to wait and see!)

The Dark Maker

And so the Dark Stacks idea is being taken to final colour art for the Dark Maker card:

This fellow will in time be joined on the card by a couple of ordinary Armoured Fiends, with the dark stacks looming behind them on the card. This is because the card represents a squad of crew, not just a singular chap.

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