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The Empire of the Dzaa ruled over the main continent of Edath for over five hundred years. They brought gunpowder weapons, built great cities and canals and made many more cultural changes, altering the face of Edath as they slowly pushed back the wilderness.

They banned weapons and slavery while introducing roads, organised trade and commerce and provided protection against the many dangers of the world.

When Luann, their home-world moon, shattered its fallout broke cities and fractured the world into many floating islands.

The prime Imperial Families that had dwelt on Luann were wiped out and the Royal Houses that survived divided and vied for dominance.


The Dzaa suppressed all faiths and in their place a culture of superstition grew. Soothsayers became widely prized advisers, auguring the fate of individuals and clans alike. Wardens also became respected for their abilities to keep the evils of the world at bay.

The Dzaa revere their founders, the First Ones – great leaders of the Yiom species now lost. Many Aiyang remain, however – diminutive warriors with fearsome combat abilities who once held the ear and carried the word of the First Ones themselves.


Clan loyalties are divided between the many warring Houses with each vying for the right to rule and this has fractured the Empire.

In addition, after the destruction of the Cities the Croem crime families rose to take control and now hold many Cities and Towns in their thrall. They keep these Cities open to commerce, the once underground black-markets now run openly.

The Dzaa were masters of open battle but over years of rule they learned the arts of guerilla warfare, bringing together their own martial lore with that of conquered clan militia. The age of the open battlefield has long since passed.

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