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The pilot set introduces us to three factions. The Hero Team can choose to be any of these and the Nemesis may draw from the others in an adventure.

Telling Them Apart

It was key to make the Factions distinctive and the best way to achieve this in terms of visual design was through the use of colour.

The Imperial Dzaa

The Dzaa are an Imperial Faction. They are those cultures and clans who have a strong political leaning with the Dzaa Empire. They include the Dzaa themselves as well as old conquered clans that bought into the Dzaa culture, laws and traditions.

Imperial Factions have a colour scheme that uses purples and golds.

The Partisan Ang

In the time of the Dzaa Empire, Partisan Factions like the Ang were rebels and free kingdoms who fought against the Imperial rule.

Partisan Factions revolve around aqua blues. As the Ang are the first Partisan Faction to make an appearance they ended up influencing the choice of colour. Why blues? Their homelands are waterlogged & beset by sudden rains and mists. Plus the races who compose the Ang have a strong connection to water with a high percentage of them being water-breathers.

The Border Nuko

The Nuko are a Border Faction. Border Factions are those cultures that operate on the fringes of the larger ones like the Imperial and Partisan factions. They are independent and ally or oppose others on a clan by clan basis.

Their colours have a yellow-green bias.

Colour Schemes

By giving colour schemes to Faction Classes (Imperial, Border etc) rather than individual Factions a few things are accomplished in one sweep:

  • You can tell what basic kind of lifestyle and culture the faction has straight off.
  • In some cases you can tell its political stance.
  • Other factions can be brought into the game smoothly without muddying the visual look and feel.
  • It helps to organise the cultures, which will allow us to offer more factions for your clan to encounter. With a bunch of them flying around it helps the head to be able to think of them in relation to others rather than have an un-oriented and muddled motley.
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