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Those Factions of the Old Empire that survived the cataclysm have changed, learning new ways to survive the hostile world while reaching out to grab what they can to gain any possible advantage over their foes.

Many trade routes were severed during the world’s breaking to leave clans lost and out on a limb. For the courageous, new passages have been forged, alliances have been rewritten and new enemies made.

Cultural Shifts

The greatest cultural shift for Factions was overcoming the fact that the world had suddenly broken into islands.

Before the cataclysm, some Factions like the Dzaa were already using aerial beasts such as airimals for mounts and carriers and afterwards they exploited this need in the stranded clans who wished to travel from island to island.

Over time, some stranded clans adopted the use of aerial steeds but many still turn to airship-using clans to take squads across the yawning chasms between isles.

Among the most common Factions are the Imperial Dzaa, the partisan Ang and the wildland dwelling Nuko.

These Factions can be found almost anywhere on the world, though most strongly in the lands of the Sunken Isles, where our journey into the changed world of Edath begins.

The Ang

Once rebels, Ang bands continue to roam the wildlands to oppose both the clans of the Old Dzaa Empire and their ancient enemies. The Ang’s patron is an ancient forest goddess who walks among them.

The Dzaa

The Dzaa were the rulers of the Old Empire but the Imperial families now fight among themselves. They are known broadly for their gunpowder weapons and airimal craft.

The Nuko

The Nuko clans are spread all over the world. Homesteads are hidden deep in the wilds surrounded by what would appear to be natural mazes. They are fiercely independent but their traders are renowned, friendly and generally welcomed.

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