Mar 102015

Hearken Bots

‘They can hear pins drop from many leagues away. They can also hear when they hit the ground.

They cannot cook however.’

In an intercepted scribble home, the Master Chief and culinary obsessive Cornelius Brassbuckle (of the pirate ship Dragon’s Revenge) happens to mention a curious tale that features both Airheart and Celeste (the Field Guide authors who it seems were aboard the Dragon’s Revenge at that time) in an encounter with the ship’s Hearken Bots, wherein the two, on a cookie raid, catch the Hearken Bots attemtping to boil an Aardhawk Egg and Wauliflower Mud Pie. Disastrously as it happens.

The bots claim they overheard the captain requesting such a pie for his birthday that day and rather than wake the ship’s cook had taken it upon themselves to make it. Perhaps this explains the note in A&C’s Field Guide? And perhaps the pins referred to are in fact rolling pins? This author will continue to investigate the archives.

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Longquill, F.Q.

Field Guide content by
Airheart & Celeste

Issue #1

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