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The Nuko clans were tolerated by the Empire rather than directly conquered and their traders were allowed to cross the world while they paid customs duties to the Dzaa.

The biggest change for the Nuko, post Empire, is the freedom to rove and trade as they will, which they embraced, keeping trade routes alive and forging new ones.


The Nuko worship spirits of star constellations and sacred thorn trees. They derive their auguring method, Hinjeke, from this basis. The clan’s Truthseers use Hinjeke to govern many choices and especially the future course of a clan.


The Nuko can be found all across the face of the world and also beneath it in the caverns and islands of the Underearth. They dwell in hidden villages in the deep wilds, protected by intricate natural mazes they have grown and nurtured to harbour many twists, pitfalls and traps.

Although originally reclusive, the Nuko have a long tradition of trade, first with other Nuko clans and then with clans of other Factions. These Fixer trading groups became renowned during the years of the Empire, their lingo even changing the common language. They stayed active even during the cataclysm and were often a clan’s only link to the outside world.

However, one cannot judge a Nuko clan by the amicability of their Fixers, for clans are fiercely independent. Some may negotiate while others may attack on sight, depending on who you are and what the portents advise. It helps to have knowledgeable guides when travelling through Nuko territory.

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