origins, development

Dec 302013
which Imperial Bot?

voting: Polish those rivets well, for an Imperial Bot of the Line is only happy when their brass is gleaming and soot-free.

Dec 302013
Imperial Bot results

development: Though bot #2 was first to the finish, bot #3 had an equal number of votes at the end.

Dec 302013
Dark Maker results

development: A great many thanks to all who voted – it was a head-to-head race between two of the three contenders and at the end we were left with an unclear victor

Dec 302013
what happens with feedback

development: we got great feedback – thanks guys and gals, oldlings and younglings!
… Since then the game itself has been evolved and tweaked …

Dec 302013
oddball Art

development: Cards for oddball Aeronauts begin with an idea: it’s an Officer, an Event, a Bot …

Dec 292013
Which Dark Maker?

voting: Armoured Fiends just got deviously dark with this rediscovered classic: the Dark Maker.