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All cultures achieve their ends by means of common skill sets. For instance, any culture has wildsmen – hunters, foresters or gatherers – and regardless of how they hunt herds or look after flocks or gather produce, generally they all employ these skills in some form or another.

These skill sets are the occupational Skills:


Agents deal in espionage, sabotage, subversion, extraction of things and people, and interrogation. Theirs are the clandestine arts and covert operations. Their numbers include traitors, moles, spies, scouts and saboteurs.

Arcane skills include being able to hack into the ’mind’ of a location or object and reveal its history, layout or weak points.


The main remit of the Fixer is to provide others with what they need – to make, repair or customise items or to fix deals with others for items or support or to provide ways through towns, bureaucracy or terrain.

Fixers deal in artisanry, advanced freemanry, engineering, trading and negotiation.


Sagi are entertainers and scholars. They are repositories of stories, songs and histories. With arcane skills they can influence emotions. By means of wild ‘deeps’ – naturally occurring caches of energy that resonate with emotions – they can strengthen these effects.

By their words Sagi can make or break reputations. Since the end of the Old Empire they have regained a more respected status in many clans and often travel freely.


Truthseers are seers and observers. They are skilled in observation and seeing the truth of a thing, finding ways through, exposing subterfuges and solving mysteries.

They are capable of predicting events through augury, both present and future and can offer guidance on a course of action as to the wisdom of one’s choices.


Wardens deal primarily with ethereal beings and spaces and the physical wards that act upon them. Using wards they are capable of summoning and dealing with all kinds of supernatural creatures.

They are also adept at locating and revealing hidden spaces or items and have the skills to make hides, safes, holes and passages and hide items from ethereal and mortal eyes alike.


Wildsmen are versed in the rural survival and navigational arts. They are hunters and trackers and can tame and train beasts, with arcane masters able to calm powerful and otherwise unstoppable creatures.

They are also trailblazers and guides and can use their knowledge of the wildlands to see others safely through.


While common clan folk are versed in rudimentary combat arts so that all may contribute to protecting the clan from hostile forces, Combateers specialise in the martial arts almost exclusively. They train to fight in formation, use drilled tactical manoeuvres and learn specialised weaponry.

Martial skill can also be taken to the level of arcane skill as a unit or as an individual.

Adventuring clansfolk generally have one skill set as their primary area of expertise – such as veteran Wildsmen being skilled in their craft above all others. They augment this with another secondary skill – commonly Combateer arts but not necessarily so.
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