Dec 302013

Previously … on oddball Aeronauts

Well, we’ve finalised the rules to the game.

We’ve decided upon the setting – the oddball Realms.

We’ve worked out the special abilities on all the cards.

We’ve worked out the types of the cards – i.e. which cards will be crew, which will be officers, which will be bots, etc.

‘They came from every corner of the Middle Seas …’

We’ve established the two airships and their affiliations.

So we’ve done a fair bit and play-tested it thoroughly. The core elements are finalised and we’re ready for the next phase.

Next … on oddball Aeronauts

We’ll let the world know what we’re doing and that we intend to launch the game. To that end we’re going to use Kickstarter to raise the funds to complete the artwork for the game and get it produced. You can expect to see the project on Kickstarter after all beta tests are concluded.

We’ve also got to finalise the exact weapons and items that will appear in the decks. Thumper guns maybe? Or splurge catapults? Or hurricane bombs? So much potential.

(edit: oddball Aeronauts successfully funded on Kickstarter on March 3rd 2014!

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