hall of heroes & legends


Renowned Captains and their Ships

Here be named those Captains who have gained fame and infamy enough to have had their portraits scribed onto Wanted posters and Bubble Gum Bot Cards. Their descriptions have been passed through tavern and market place, their visages etched into glyphs and transmitted to news boards the Empire over.

Alongside their names are briefly summarised their most famous deeds or origins, though one has to say that there may have been a touch of exaggeration and alteration in the passing of these tales from one party to another. Then again, the oddball Realms are a strange place. Maybe what’s written here isn’t HALF of what actually happened.

Here be Heroes and Legends

The following original captains were created in collaboration with and for the generous, and dare I say heroic, Hero and Legend backers of our Kickstarter campaign. They are one of a kind captains and their back stories were crafted from their character outlines or by the backer in question.

You can visit the Kickstarter project page here:
oddball Aeronauts: Pirates vs. The Pendragon


The Red Hare

(Rascal Skyhopper)
Pirate Captain

Known for his love of trying on countless hats and sampling assorted pastries the Red Hare’s actual claim to fame comes for incessantly causing the Pendragon’s Imperial Captains no amount of trouble, however well laid their plans .. or his own.

He has an exceptional ability to wing it when all the best laid plans fall out of the sky and to come out of that predicament flying high. After the umpteenth time this happened word got around and his name got on on the tongues of appreciative rebels and scoundrels right across the Middle Seas.

The Red Hare captains the elusive Windcatcher class airship ‘Bouncey Pig’.

Lord Tibby

(Lord Tiberius Ironspine)
Pendragon Captain

Regarded as a valuable agent of the Empire, a well respected commander and a stalwart gentleman, Lord Tiberius Ironspine is a bot of exception. To him are entrusted some of the Pendragon’s more critical ‘must not fail’ missions.

His pet, Ybbit, follows him almost everywhere.

One day he’ll attempt to capture The Red Hare again (he was the only fellow to ever do so) but other Imperial concerns have proven more pressing.

Lord Tibby captains the unstoppable Hammer class airship ‘Gobbal Rex’.


Thistle Snowberry

Pirate Captain

Thistle was born and raised to the turbulent skies by her merchant parents. Sadly, while still just a kit, a Pendragon raid on her parent’s ship left her orphaned. The derelict ship was discovered by the infamous pirate Onyx BerryWild, who took on Thistle to raise as her own.

Onyx taught Thistle all in the manner of being a pirate and a lady. Now a warrior woman and captain in her own right, Thistle roams the skies protecting vessels from Pendragon harassment.

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