hall of rogues


Rogue Captains come from all parts of the Middle Seas, from the Inner to the Outer Reaches.

Their names and their ship’s names are told of Reachwide but their exact faces are not often known and folk tend to think of them looking like the first famous Rogue Captains, the very first Storm Riders, Wreckers and so forth.

Indeed, it seems for these fellows that their Airships have possibly gained more notoriety than their Captains, something that makes their Figureheads very happy indeed.

For those Kickstarter backers who pledged for a custom named ship they received an entire faction deck with the airship art of their choice and their unique chosen ship’s name on all the card backs.

You can visit the Kickstarter project page here:
oddball Aeronauts: Pirates vs. The Pendragon




The Brass Monica
Merchant Captain: Captina Debrolina

Dark Moon Captain: Malvidious Draxx / Baron Maldrax


Silent Howl
Dark Moon Captain: Mistress Accalia / Frosty

Dark Moon Captain: Sir Kale ‘Twitch’ Nazrak

The Hairy Black Nugget
Dark Moon Captain: Hollywoll Black(ham)beard

Dark Moon Captain: Anastasia Retsbew

DL Dragon
Dark Moon Captain: Lady Emm ‘Death Blossom’ Cunningham


Ad Astra
Dark Moon Captain: Captain Eudora ‘Hook Echo’ Beecher

Dark Moon Captain: Lerxst “Snowdog” Lifeson

Dark Moon Captain: Major Lawrence ‘Redfang’ Whitetail


Wave Rider

Furry Waters
River Pirate Captain: Onyx Berrywild / Onyx

The Old Roe Boat
River Pirate Captain: Olivander Roewander

Sea Strider Captain: Capt Tight Pants

Gilt Dragon
River Pirate Captain: Krysiea Seaborne / Vorpal


The Starheart
Wrecker Captain: Davis ‘Chirpy’ Volkaran

The Steaming Pig
Canopy Runner Captain: Gi-lee-Wiley Eversmiley

Quantrill’s Revenge
River Pirate Captain: Captain Osceola ‘Lil’ Muddy’ Huckleberry

Sea Strider Captain: Elk ‘Longspear’ Romany


Pistachio Juggernaut
Canopy Runner Captain: Tillius ‘Two Hands’ Taluca

The Wrocker
Sea Strider Captain: Dirk “By-Tor” Lee

TW Gryphon
River Pirate Captain: Miss Adelaide ‘Razorback’ Drake

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