design team


nigel pyne

likes: batman & crumble puddings

I had this idea kicking around for a while that became a personal challenge for me – would it be possible to create a game with a single deck of cards that could be played during a break time in a school yard with no surface to set things out on?

That was the core design impetus and throwing in the oddball Realms setting, combat, the requirement for tactical play, and the requirement for real simple rules resulted in oddball Aeronauts.

Is it any good? You tell me. Seriously . . . let me know.

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lloyd ash pyne

likes: kung-fu & dark chocolate

A handful of years previously we’d envisioned Magiqh (technology powered by magic) as part of our oddball fantasy world but I’d only briefly conceptualised it, concentrating instead on Natives, Pirates, Monsters and the like.

But here was the chance to make like a mad inventor and taking inspiration from daVinci, steampunk and the fantasy world we already had I went to town. When I got back I started sketching and you can see the results throughout the oddball Aeronauts pages.

Want to see more of something? Got a crazy idea for a gadget? Just shout (Ahoy..!) – then email me.

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