field guide


Welcome to the oddball Realms: a unique steampunk fantasy world with many distinctive and diverse Things:



The sentient, humanoid races of the world. The most common are bipedal but there are less common folk with three or more legs. Some have tails. Others have innate magical abilities.



Magiqh-powered mechanical marionettes and other forms with varying degrees of humanoid charactersitics as piloted by fae spirits. They help out folk in various skills like combat, ship maneouvres and cooking.



Airships of the Realms are crafted with large cavities filled with cloudstuff around which decks, masts and quarters are built. They are often given extra air sacs that can be filled or emptied like ballast tanks. Dirgibles are commonly augmented by Magiqh to give them extra manoeuvreability or gun power.



Gruff, brutish and overbearing animan of varying intelligence. The more intelligent, the more cruel and complex their plans and revenges. The less intelligent Fiends tend to be uncaring of harm, of self or others. They come in all shapes and sizes, are well groomed and will eat practically anything.



Technology powered by magic. By use of the correct materials and magitronic circuits an item can be infused with a kind of magic, enhanching the effect of an item’s natural use: sails attract extra wind, guns fire more powerfully, boxes can be made to freeze contents, shoes can be made that allow the wearer to walk on the wind …

Middle Seas


A Realm that’s a landlocked ocean of many seas riddled with islands, reefs, whirlpools and other features. Its islands are often linked by the overshadowing canopy of gargantuan trees. The Realm is rife with pirates, sea monsters and haunted isles.



Generations ago the Pendragon ended centuries-long war between the many Kingdoms and established an Empire spanning many Realms, placing her throne at its centre. She wears a mirrored crown that covers her face like a mask.



Artefacts, whether tools, weapons or magiqh contraptions. A slang term used to describe gear and gadgets used by individuals.


We’ll be adding to the Field Guide as more of the world opens up.