video reviews

“I’ve played this game with kids, I’ve played this game with adults, everybody loves this game. An actual, honest to god, travel card game because you don’t need a surface to play it. oddball Aeronauts is fantastic.”

– Tiffany Ralph, ‘The One Tar’ video review

“Wow, what a very, very cool game this is. I can’t really think of anything bad to say about this game at all. Absolutely blown away.”

– Richard Ham, ‘Rahdo Runs Through’ video review

“in my opinion the price they have for it is a downright steal for the amount of game you get out of this . . . . . the biggest compliment I can give the game is the fact that, because of the fact that I have desperately wanted to play this and I have annoyed my wife incessantly with making her play with me speaks volumes about just how awesome this tiny little game is.”

– Lance Myxter, ‘Undead Viking’ video review

“Don’t be lulled into a false sense of simplicity. oddball Aeronauts packs a punch load of strategy in a little box”

– Rick Royal, ‘Box of Delights’ video review

“this [oddball Aeronauts] is a revelation for me. I really think this is going to be one of my favourite games of the year…I know it’s going to be one of my most played games of the year…I highly, highly recommend oddball Aeronauts.”

– Hunter, ‘Weaponsgrade Channel’ video review

“Brought to you by the Ministry of Board Games. The Minister himself will give you a brief idea about Oddball Aeronauts. His comments are personal and do not express the feelings of the Ministry itself!”

– ‘Ministry of Board Games’

written reviews

“A more telling testament was my youngest asking to play [oddball Aeronauts] the next day, rather than rushing off to play the latest video game he and his buddies are into.”

“oddball Aeronauts is a fun and light game with a quick pace. Easily portable, it would make for a great road trip game.“

“once you get familiar with how the cards work, it becomes a fascinating game.”

“oddball Aeronauts packs a lot of fun and strategy…This is a great play-it-anywhere game and yes, it doesn’t need a table so, just go play it already!”

“Okay I will admit I was a skeptic. I just couldn’t imagine how it would work. Now I know, and I really dig it. oddball Aeronauts managed to pull off the game you play “in hand” brilliantly.”

“This is perhaps the ultimate travel game. I’m planning for it to be an essential traveling companion from now on.”

– Andrew, ‘i Slay the Dragon’ review

“the features that provided the most air-pumping and cries of ‘Yesss!’ were the Tricks. It’s fast and furious and the closest you’ll get to swashing your buckle without getting arrested!”

“My wife and I had a ton of fun playing this game”

“Throw in the ability to customise your decks and future planned expansions and you have the makings of a fast-paced yet deep strategy game.”

“Parent Geek approved! Child Geek approved! Oddball Aeronauts is a fun adventure and an easy play that can be enjoyed just about anywhere and anytime with the exception of swimming and skydiving. That’s pretty cool and makes the game unique right from the start.”