Dec 302013

Bringing ideas to life

Cards for oddball Aeronauts begin with an idea: it’s an Officer, an Event, a Bot …

This basic idea is expanded so we know what kind of bot or crew or whatnot we are dealing with. Armed with a Thumper Gun? a bot that helps out in the rigging? A Pendragon officer with a Shining Cloak and Sword?

This is quickly followed by a sketch or two of any potential recruits as present themselves.

‘Many Houses compete for the Pendragon’s favour …’

Having passed the initiation test, the fellow or (in this case) the lass that nails the look is then moved on to the next stage – line work – and put through their paces.

The first foray is tidied up and worked on to add a touch of shadow and depth with thicker lines and areas of black and the figure takes form. (A montage follows involving one finger press-ups, back-flips and running.)

The line-worked recruit is then imported into the card itself to make sure it’s ready for action.

On passing the card test, the Faction’s colours are bestowed upon them. Red and browns for Pirates. Purple and gold for the Pendragon. This then progresses to adding shadows. The texture is then added followed by colour tweaks, moustache waxing and highlights.

This process gives us the finished character:

“My cloak’s only shiney in the sun. And it’s cloudy right now.”

Your Choice pal

The character art for the oddball Aeronauts cards is pretty much all that is left to do now. Each card has been designated as crew or bot etc but the specifics of various of these have been left open for your input.

Over the final development stage we’ll put forward the proposed ideas for your votes and feedback. We’ll collate the winning vote and your suggestions for gadgets etc and develop the final colour art from that, taking us one card closer to a full deck.

Follow us on Facebook or sign up to our newsletter to be part of the early stages of this input. I hope you decide to have a little fun & pitch in.

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