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Edath is a unique fantasy world with many original and distinctive races, cultures, beasts, trades, beings, magic and more.


Creature Class

Airimals are creatures of the air originating from the moon Luann. They vary in form but all have air-sacs often protected in part by a hard carapace. Airimals are pack creatures with a group commonly composed of various symbiotic airimal species.



Once rebels, Ang bands continue to roam the wildlands to oppose clans of the Old Dzaa Empire. The Ang’s patron is an ancient forest goddess who walks among them.



The Dzaa were the rulers of the Old Empire but the Imperial families now fight amongst themselves. They are known broadly for their gunpowder weapons and airimal craft.



The world of Edath was roughly conical – a flat top tapering away to broken peaks beneath. After the breaking of the moon Luann the world also shattered into islands and debris, its oceans drained away into vapour.

Countless isles now drift in banks of cloud and dust, reclaimed by the wilderness, and it is upon these that the scattered remnants of old factions fight for their survival.



Luann was Edath’s closest moon orbiting within the atmosphere across the south-eastern skies. It had an ocean core with islands floating in vast banks of clouds. It was the homeworld of the Dzaa until its destruction.

It remains only as a ring of glittering cloud and debris where once it travelled the sky.



The Nuko clans are spread all over the world. Homesteads are hidden deep in the wilds surrounded by what would appear to be natural mazes. They are fiercely independent but their traders are renowned, friendly and generally welcomed.


We’ll be adding to the Field Guide as more of the world opens up.

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