Game Overview


of Shot & Blade

An adventure boardgame where two teams go head-to-head over dangerous missions:

The Adventurers Team – squads of skirmishing adventurers – races across perilous terrain, overcoming life-threatening encounters to accomplish their quest.

The Nemesis Team – Fickle Spirits of the Wild? Black-hearted Fearmongers? Marauding Skirmishers? – seek to thwart the heroes’ every move.

The game is on! – A head to head adventure showdown where such skills as sabotage, hunting, outfoxing and observation are as important as combat.

Game Features

2-6 Players

Two teams of 1-3 Players – Skirmishing Adventurers vs Deadly Nemeses

Ages 11+

Contains fantasy action, magic, violence & mild horror

About 90 Minutes

Quick set-up gets you into the action fast

Replayable Scenarios

Catch the murderer, recover ancient artifacts,
ambush the marauders, save the traders . . .

  • Each scenario plays out in numerous ways
  • Plus variation of features makes each scenario different
  • Different skirmishing adventurers or deadly nemeses change each scenario

You Choose

Do you sneak past the beasts? Fight them?
Control them? Intimidate them?

  • Simple choice of actions to beat each threat
  • Skills to overcome any type of obstacle
  • Each faction specializes in different skills

Dice it Out

Squad vs Squad. Agent vs Traitor.
Hunter vs Beast. Player vs Player.

  • A simple head to head dice mechanic resolves all actions
  • Risk versus reward – head holding to fist punching!
  • Easy to pick up, learn and teach

* Please note that component art is a work in progress.
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