Dec 302013


Of Shot & Blade is almost finished. We want to make the game as good as we can and ensure it ain’t broke! We’re so close you can almost taste it!

We’re in the final stretch of tests and tweaks now, smoothing off the edges and ensuring we haven’t missed any golden opportunities.

It’s worth taking the time at this stage because as a recent session revealed we did indeed discover a way to make the Locations more interesting – and all without adding any complexity to the game, only more awesomeness. It was one of those happy discoveries that falls naturally into place and makes the game that much better.

Looking Ahead

We intend to release of Shot & Blade only when it is truly ready. We have one last aspect of the gameplay to sign off on and then we’ll be putting together a demo copy to get further external testing.

In the meantime Ash will be working on the final art for the various components in readiness for the printers.

We’ll also be expanding the website with further pages and articles about the game and the world of Edath.

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