Origins, Development

Dec 302013
Faction Card Design

Development: By giving colour schemes to Faction Classes (Imperial, Border etc) rather than individual Factions a few things are accomplished in one sweep

Dec 302013
Adventure Book Layouts

Development:Adventures in of Shot & Blade take the form of missions with a definite goal – Capture the Mythical Beast, Hunt Down the Intruders, Find the Killer …

Dec 302013
A Look at Location Features

Development: Including things like ruins, undergrowth, lookout points, false trails and environmental events …

Dec 302013
A Time of Tweaking

Development: As we continue to future-proof the game we are simultaneously taking the opportunity to overview its design across the whole set.

Dec 302013
Our World Design Brief

Origins: Creating both a game and its world side by side enabled us to ensure that they worked together harmoniously.

Dec 302013
Our Original Design Brief

Origins: a fantasy adventure game strong on theme and story where non-combat skills are as important and influential as combat and any adventure can be played