Creatures, Factions, Locations

Dec 302013
The Ang Faction

Factions: The Ang are a roving Faction well versed in guerilla warfare …

Dec 302013
Venturing Into a Broken World

Locations: Through playing of Shot & Blade you will explore the world of Edath and the journey begins in the Pilot Set amongst the Sunken Isles

Dec 302013
Occupational Skills

Factions: All cultures achieve their ends by means of common skill sets. For instance, any culture has wildsmen – hunters, foresters or gatherers

Dec 302013

Factions: Those Factions of the Old Empire that survived the cataclysm have changed, learning new ways to survive the hostile world

Dec 302013
The Nuko Faction

Factions: The Nuko can be found all across the face of the world and also beneath it in the caverns and islands of the Underearth …

Dec 302013
The Dzaa Faction

Factions: Clan loyalties are divided between the many warring Houses with each vying for the right to rule and this has fractured the Empire. …