Dec 302013

The Basic Goal

Our self-imposed design brief was very simple:

‘a fantasy adventure game strong on theme and story where non-combat skills are as important and influential as combat and any adventure can be played – a skirmish, a quest, a hunt, an investigation, etc – and in any setting from a wilderness to a town to a ‘dungeon’, etc.’

The Parameters

That was our goal but we constrained the design by stating that the game –

  • must be easy to pick up, set up and play
  • must be easy to teach to others
  • allows for an entire adventure to be played in one session
  • contains a lot of variety and ability for gamers to customise
  • is playable with 2 to 6 players


  • each adventure must be highly replayable
  • adventures are very easy and quick to create
  • the game would be set in an original fantasy universe

Why We Made It

This design brief was born from the fact that this was the game we wanted to play and no game on the market ticked all these boxes. At the point when we laid this out we had played as many RPGs and thematic boardgames as we could get our hands on.

What we hankered for was a game that blended the ‘any adventure, anywhere’ potential of an RPG with the simplicity and certainty inherent in a boardgame.

So, okay, if no-one else was going to make the game, we only had one avenue left open to us . . . create it ourselves.

So we did.

With a little help, it seems . . .

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