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Attention! Captains on Deck!

The most famed captains of times past gave rise to titles and honours in their namesakes, mantles taken up by dedicated captains who followed in their pawsteps. Their visages were etched into the glyph struck pages of the great libraries under the inky stamp of fame or infamy and are thus presented to you here.

The Storm Rider and Wrecker captains appear in the faction decks of the Pilot Set. The other captains were offered during the Pilot Set’s Kickstarter project where backers could give them their own custom name, many of which can be found in the Aeronaut Halls of Fame in the Hall of Ace Pilots.

Pendragon Captains

Storm Rider

Storm Riders hail from the Lightning Seas where there is always an electrical storm somewhere.

Ships are built to shrug off lightning strikes and their Captains are weather-worn characters of roiling and brooding angers.

Gadgets commonly utilise the lightning element such as bolt rods and staffs for melee as well as lightning guns capable of discharging against enemy vessels to blast holes in hulls.


The House of Hunters embraces cunning fellows skilled in tracking all foes in all terrain and all weathers.

They are often originally travellers and explorers or the guardsmen of such. They have seen the Realms over and can follow or find a trail many days cold. At least, after training.

Many employ tracking beasts to help them who hunt their prey on more than scent alone. Beasts who are agile, fast, have great endurance and can hold their own in a fray.


Merchant Captains are privateers in the employ of the Empire with a good track record of getting goods to their destination without Pirates snaffling them.

It is common practice for merchant ships to have ship’s pets and other animals – ratters and the like – and for this reason Pendragon merchant captains are usually thought of with accompanying animals: in the Pendragon’s fleet it is not uncommon for captains to have dragonettes to arm.

Dark Moon

The Dark Moon chapter is one of the more mysterious Houses of the Pendragon’s Empire. Captains wear face masks in the field as a homage to the Pendragon herself who is never seen without her mirrored helm.

They are a small House made up of unspeaking Animan from the Nightside of the Hodge Podge isles. What they do not speak of is unknown and rumours run rife across the Realms but what they are known for is their relentless determination in pursuing pirates and outlaws.

Pirate Captains


The Wrecker is often encountered in Seas where Weirpools and Sinks can be found: they specialise in sinking ships.

If the targeted ship is taken by a Weirpool it will end up in the subterranean seas of the Ship’s Graveyards where Wrecker clans have their hideouts and can loot the sunken ship at their leisure.

Canopy Runner

Canopy Runners are smugglers who hail from the Canopy Seas and are the only pirates brave or foolish enough to sail their vessels through the branches of Gert Trees on a routine basis.

They’ll run messages and contraband through enemy lines in fast and manoeuvrable ships. Should some obstacle prove immovable and unavoidable they simply indulge in their liking for bombs and rockets to clear a passage.

Sea Strider

Sea Striders are a nomadic folk, pirates not bound to just the Middle Seas, unable and unwilling to bow to the rule and settled order of the Pendragon.

Their crew are a motley bunch, fellows without hearth to return to.

Sea Strider Captains will take their crew across the Realms, by air, sea or beneath the waves and they will ‘borrow’ vessels as they have need of them.

River Pirate

The River Pirates slipped into the Middle Seas from the Realm of a Thousand Rivers many ages past.

They settled in the Rivers Reach where the seas are long and wind through canyons and over sky pools.

River Pirates are renowned for their love of boarding actions and their habit of crying out attack and defence techniques as they execute them, though sometimes they’ll feint to keep their opponent on their toes .. and call it afterwards.

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