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Is that an airship hoving into view? Sure, but what kind is it? There are some classes of dirigible known far and wide, from the Wave Rider (a favourite with traders despite also being a favourite with pirates) to the Imperial Scythe (a classic and revered design among Pendragon captains). These common kinds of airship are listed below for easy identification and to help prevent embarrasing lapses of knowledge in front of your crew.

The Scythe and Wave Rider airships appear on the backs of the faction cards of the Pilot Set. The other airships were offered during the Pilot Set’s Kickstarter project where backers could give them their own custom name, many of which can be found in the Aeronaut Halls of Fame in the Hall of Rogues.

Pendragon Airships


Scythe class ships are the most common Imperial airship.

It heavily favours broadside guns though it sports special weaponry near the prow.


The Trident class airship is distinguished by its prow’s triple ram.

Like the majority of Imperial dirigibles it has a strong broadside guns array, albeit with a curved arc of fire.


The Hammer class ship is front-heavy, with boarding bridges tapering out to each side.

It splits its gun compliment between forward and broadside guns.

Pirate Airships

Wave Rider

The Wave Rider is a common class of airship that can also land on the sea surface.

It’s very popular with Middle Seas traders which makes it popular with smugglers who like to disguise themselves as innocent merchants.


The Windcatcher class airship is a highly maneouvrable craft thanks to its magic-augmented ballast cavities that can suck in (‘catching’ the wind) and expel air quickly.


The Limpit class dirigible is designed to dock backwards, with sail mechanisms that make creative use of wind energies.

It got its name from its multiple detachable airsacs.

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