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Squads in of Shot & Blade are made up of 3 Unit Cards. Each Unit Card represents several individuals that are adept in two skills. A usual Unit is skilled in combat and also has a non-combat skill.

The example Nuko Unit Card represents Agents and the Agent Skill is represented by the mask symbol. Combat as a skill is shown by the Sword symbol. And that round symbol to the right of the Combat symbol represents Psyche – willpower, resolve and that sort of thing.

All Skills have two statistics to represent them – e.g. 3 +1 or 4 +2 or 5 +3. In the game, the first figure is the number of dice you use and the second is the number of changes you can make to those dice once you’ve rolled them.

As well as their two Skills, each Unit has the ability to assist one type of Master. In the case of the Nuko Agents, they are able to assist the Skill Master and if they’re successful in their ‘assist’ the Master gets a boost when he’s brought into the game. (Other Masters are Magic and Combat.)

On the reverse of the card you’ll find the symbols for the two Skills that the Unit is adept in. By each is a bonus. The square represents an additional die and the +1 is just that – add 1 to any die. You only get to use these bonuses if another Unit successfully backs your Unit up and this has to be played for.

Finally, at the bottom of the back of the card you’ll see some Attack and Defence stats. The three symbols in the left column represent the three combat ranges – long range, short range and melee. As you may well guess, these are used during combat and it’s simply a case of if your Attack beats your opponent’s Defence then they’re dead. As you can imagine there are ways and means of boosting both Attack and Defence values.

Those are the fundamental statistics you’ll find on any oS&B Unit Card and what they represent. Some Units have special abilities that are represented by specific symbols and we’ll get to those later.

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