Dec 302013

Will you take to the air?

The world of Edath has been sundered into thousands of islands of all sizes.

In the game, some races have the ability to fly and any Squad can use flying mounts – if you’ve got them. This can give a distinct advantage when attempting to get by obstacles and threats – you will get bonuses to your dice rolls – but in so doing your Squads can easily be seen and may attract unwanted attention – aerial predators for example.

So do you go for the bonus and hope you don’t suffer as a result? It’s a simple example of the type of choices you’re confronted with throughout an ‘of Shot & Blade’ adventure.

And even if you stay on the solid earth, aerial hunters are always on the lookout for prey. Encounter these in an adventure and you’ll want to sneak past – get spotted and one of your Squads may have to fight them turn after turn until they beat them off.

With the Pilot Set, adventures take place on firm ground but we definitely intend to take those adventures to the air, where whale-sized behemoths float amongst the clouds and other surprises await.

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