Dec 302013

the Dueling Ground

The Middle Seas is a Realm that is composed of many tiered seas, separated by towering cliffs and immense waterfalls. It is riddled with islands, caves, reefs and unpredictable hazards and is home to many townsfolk, wild natives, smugglers, monsters and fish.

Though the Pendragon has a strong presence in the Middle Seas it is a very troublesome place.

Empire of the Pendragon

The Pendragon conquered the majority of the Realms many centuries past, bringing peace to the warring Kingdoms. Though her Empire has created great opportunity for commerce and invention there are a few who refuse to live within the bounds of her martial Law – such as pirates. And Spooks. And monsters, demons, gods, natives, castaways, wind-devils, gremlins, ficklers, bandits, birds and fish.

The Pendragon’s Imperial Flying Corps focuses on battleships designed for conquering through maximum force. They favour an aggressive approach over artful manoeuvring and bristle with guns while battle-ready fiends line the railings ready to board enemy vessels.

‘Fortune favours the brave’

Crew hail from the many scattered towns of the Empire, a diverse bunch of folk eager to earn their Shillings and Eights in service to the Pendragon by keeping the shipping lanes free of pirates and brigands. And monsters .. oh, you get the idea.

Pirates of the Middle Seas

The pirate clans are renowned for their fast hit and run tactics to make off with bounty and their airships are sturdy and manoeuvrable and often designed for sea-landings as well as air travel. Pirates love a good fight and will board enemy ships at any opportunity and their methods for doing so are many and sometimes dangerous (eg. swinging between airships on ropes, or jumping from your ship to land on the others’ deck with only a Magiqh ‘pillow’ to break your fall).

Pirates like to pass themselves off as legitimate merchants to evade Imperial attention and their vessels are often modified Trader class ships. This makes them sometimes hard to spot but some ships become too renowned for this to ever work and no amount of fish for sale will pull the wool over the Empire’s eyes.

‘Hoist the sails and make ready!’

Pirate vessels attract crew from nearly all the Realms and you can find winged folk rubbing shoulders with burrow-dwellers and townsfolk, even fish-folk of the sea. But as long as there are spoils to be had the crew will get along with each other just fine. Well, okay .. they’re manageable. Mostly.

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