Submissions Guidelines


Submissions Guidelines

  1. Any category may be submitted to.
  2. Categories are as attached with relevant word counts above.
  3. The oddball Bible (attached) should be used as a guide for world authenticity, however artistic license is encouraged. Any such details deemed to enrich the world may be published as part of said ‘Bible’ and Bible will be updated to expand the world and aspects of it; these ideas and concepts should be submitted to the Editor separately and should be headed ‘Bible Submission’.
  4. No explicit sexual references can be made; in general sex and death as subjects are avoided although love/romance + implied violence is acceptable. Alternative profanities are in the Bible glossary.
  5. Sketches may be submitted with any written piece however its publication is dependant upon quality of aesthetics and the space available.
  6. For initial submission for publication a ‘character’ must be built, this is the voice of the writer (you). Details would include the type of animan and your character’s name, age etc., The character is the reporter for the piece. Please submit a character outline with background details, this can include a resume/CV, backstory etc., Any amount of detail is acceptable.
  7. Each submission is edited by ‘The Editor’ on submission and will be sent to you as a final edited version for approval. Failure to send back agreement for publication of the edited document before deadline may result in the article being published as is, without approval by the author. Wherever possible publication will be re-scheduled for next issue.
  8. Proof reading must be carried out by the writer prior to submission, editing and approval.
  9. Credit for writing will be published alongside your article using your character’s name only. On a separate page on the website your character’s name and your name will appear. You can opt out of this second part at any time if you prefer to remain anonymous!
  10. Submissions have no monetary value unless otherwise stated.
  11. Multiple submissions to any category is permitted although submissions may be scheduled according to content load for that issue.
  12. Serial submissions are welcome in any category, including comic strip, and will be scheduled accordingly. Serial submissions must be offered with a storyline/concept which outlines the serialisation.
  13. Copyright is retained by the author and published by maverick:muse with the author’s permission. Submission implies permission granted. All and any future publications which would include hard copy materials will invite a royalty for the author the amount of which will be stated prior to publication to the author.
    This does not include any Bible submissions.
  14. Content should always be ‘oddball’ in nature.



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250 words +/-10 words


250 words +/-10 words

Flash Story:

250 words +/-10 words

Serial Story:

250 words per chapter +/-10 words

Short Story:

1000 words +/- 50 words


5 word headline

Breaking News:

5 word headline with no more than 25 words for explanation