Dec 302013

Through playing of Shot & Blade you will explore the world of Edath and the journey begins in the Pilot Set amongst . . .

The Sunken Isles

North of the ruined Principal City lies a region where the woods and heaths of the islands are waterlogged with marshes, bogs and swamps. Shards and broken ridges of hills break the waterline with many springs and rain-washed gullies feeding the sunken lowlands and basins.

It is a region prone to sudden, heavy rainfalls or mist and fog that can roll in under clear, sunny skies.

Trees grow high on arching roots and some are gigantic, towering over even the nearby hills and tors and some of these serve to bridge islands here and there in a tangle of canopy growth.

The Sunken Isles remain the main haunt of the roving, partisan Ang and the settled clans they seek to protect. They contest the area with clans loyal to the Dzaa and with fierce Nuko bands as well as other invading or wandering factions some of which come from . . .

Rogue Islands

Islands from other regions sometimes drift through the skies of the Sunken Isles. These rogue islands bring new dangers and life not native to the regions they pass through. Their own terrain and residual climate often cause clashes of weather in their wake – icebergs, wasted isles or shards of ruined Dzaa Cities all bring their own perils.

Beasts or natives of the Rogue Isles may pose a threat to clans, even if a passing one. Else the Isles may harbour treasures waiting to be found and local clans may fight fiercely to win these in the short time before the isle moves on.

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