Dec 302013

Influence the Card Art

Here are three variants of an idea for a Pendragon ‘Bot’ card.

A bot in the oddball Realms is a somewhat anthropomorphic contraption powered by magic and piloted by a fae spirit. They are helpful beings and act in support of others.

An Imperial Bot of the Line is proficient in Guns and Boarding Skills and so this needs be reflected in the design of the bot.

  1. the Cannon-mouth
  2. the Rotund
  3. the Twin-guns

‘Polish those rivets well, for an Imperial Bot of the Line is only happy when their brass is gleaming and soot-free.

The Bot of the Line is built to support the Pendragon’s Aeronaut crew in both Guns and Boarding actions. Capable of independent action, the smaller huddle of these bots come bristling with long-knives and weighed down impressively with small cannon.

They’re followed around by other bots who carry and load cannon-shot, leaving the lead-bot focused on its own goals, namely repelling boarders and bombarding the enemy with all kinds of artillery fire – from sonic discombobulators to splurge blobs and tear-gas, there’s a whole range of shot waiting to be thrown in their enemy’s faces.’

Your Vote

So which of the three designs do you think should make it to the Bot card?

Your vote will decide which of these ideas will find its way into the final game. The bot shown/ chosen will in all probability be accompanied by another one or two bots in support, possibly of the same design or other bots designed to reload this bot’s guns.

Write the name and number of the one you like best in the comments of the oddball Aeronauts Facebook page voting post for your vote to be counted. If you’d like to say why you like it, please do, it’d be great to hear your thoughts. Well. Read them. In the comments – can’t read minds .. yet 🙂

Voting will be open for one week. Please share the post with friends who may be interested.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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